Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 ADVANCE Cabinet Incubator
Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 Controls

Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 ADVANCE Cabinet Incubator

We got excited about the original Ova-Easy cabinet incubators, but since they were updated to the Ova-Easy ADVANCE range we can’t see why anybody wanting to incubate this number of eggs would look at anything else.

The Ova-Easy ADVANCE incubators offer superb value for money combining massive capacities, integral hatcher facilities, digital temperature and humidity displays, automatic turning and excellent temperature control and air circulation with good insulation and efficiency. And they look good!

And on top of all this, for only $200 more you can upgrade them to the Ova-Easy ADVANCE EX range with digital humidity control. Why wouldn’t you?

The Brinsea Ova-Easy 190 ADVANCE has a capacity of approximately 192 chicken eggs while the Ova-Easy 380 is identical in features but 320mm deep, giving it six egg trays rather than three and therefore an increased capacity of approximately 384 chicken eggs.

The egg trays are effectively drawers which slide out for loading. The universal egg trays supplied can be adjusted to fit anything from quail eggs up to goose eggs.

There is an integral hatching tray in the bottom of the incubator (complete with a cover to stop escapees) for the last couple of days of incubation.

The unit is supplied with six universal egg trays which hold approximately 36 hen eggs each (a total of 216 chicken eggs). By also utilizing the space in the hatcher tray another 96 hen eggs can be incubated but these will require manual turning (and that ’s a lot of eggs to turn manually!)

To achieve maximum capacity the specialist chicken egg trays can be purchased which each hold 48 hen eggs. With these trays the Ova-Easy 380 will incubate 288 hen eggs with automatic turning or 384 if you choose to use the hatcher tray for incubation as well.

The air circulation is achieved by four small fans which ensure the heat is distributed evenly and eliminates the risk of cold spots.

As with so many Brinsea incubators, the menu driven control panel allows simple but precise control of the temperature and egg turning mechanism and also displays the humidity levels or allows control of the humidity where the EX upgrade has been fitted.

A high and low temperature alarm, adjustable to your own parameters, is also standard.

The automatic turning can also be switched on and off from the control panel.

The cabinet itself is constructed from a protected steel chassis and laminated high density polystyrene sides which provide good insulation and are also easy to keep clean.

The clear door is double glazed for even better insulation and efficiency.

The Ova-Easy 190 weighs approx 20Kg (44lbs) despite it ’s unobtrusive dimensions (820mm High x 420mm Wide x 480mm Deep)

As hatching approaches you may wish to make space by candling before you place the eggs into the hatching tray. We recommend the High Intensity Egg Candling lamp as the best option but we stock all three Brinsea candling lamps.

With an incubator of this size check in advance that we have enough heat lamps to keep the chicks warm.

Suitable for:

Species*Max eggsSpecies*Max eggs
Chicken312 eggsDuck208 eggs
Pheasant394 eggsPartridge472 eggs
Geese114 eggsQuail850 eggs
Turkey208 eggsMacawNot Rec.

*Maximum egg capacities utilising universal egg trays
and hatcher trays for incubation.

Price: $1,999

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